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Philip's Success Story

Phil was reflecting on his life. His Uncle had died at the age of 40, his father at 44 and his brother had his first heart attack at 42. If Phil wanted to break the mould and see his son grow up, he knew he needed to do something. Phil had tried dieting many times before with the usual result that, when he came off the diet, his weight went up even higher than it was before. He had also tried getting fitter by joining the gym and using machines to exercise with. Each time he would start with good intentions but would soon drop out and then continue to pay for a membership that he didn’t use.

Phil decided that enough was enough and began to look around for a better solution. That’s when he contacted us at Fit Body in 6. His initial consultation was with Lyndsey Harwood who listened to his concerns with his previous experiences trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and get fitter for his family. Phil was looking for somewhere that would:

  • Make him accountable for his efforts
  • Ensure that he had a regular schedule set for exercising
  • Supply a trainer to ensure he was working out to his full potential while minimising the risk of injury
  • Provide a fun, welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere in which to improve

As an IT Consultant Phil was worried that he would sign up to classes but his diary would then prevent him attending. He also had back pain making exercise more difficult.

Our Solution

Lyndsey recommended that Phil sign up for our unlimited membership. This provided Phil with unlimited sessions with no pre-determined schedule. if Phil’s diary changed, he could simply swap one session for another at no additional cost. By signing up for this plan, Phil also benefitted from Bootcamp sessions to extend him as his fitness improved.

We also recommended to Phil that he follow a low carb diet and provided sample recipes and menus for him to follow and began a series of massage sessions, providing stretching exercises for Phil to perform at home to improve his posture and musculature to resolve the long standing back pain issues.

Phil’s Results

During his first 6 months with us, Phil lost a little over 50lbs dropping from 15st 9lbs to 12st 0lbs – a loss of over 3 and a half stone. His BMI went down from 29.7 (borderline obese) to 22.9 (healthy weight) and, as a measure of his overall fitness, his resting heart rate fell from 66 beats per minute to 55 beats per minute with his blood pressure going from 156/72 (very high) to 122 / 68 (close to normal).

Body Fat Percentage – Phil started his journey with us with a body fat percentage of 30.5 (obese) as measured using our body composition monitors from Tanita. The regime we recommended coupled with Phil’s hard work, commitment and dedication to the program saw this value drop to 15.5 (nearly half) placing him in the “fit” zone.

What does Phil think of the results ?

Phil says that he is now the lightest he has been for nearly 30 years. His back pain has gone, he is fitter and stronger than ever before, sleeps well and, to his surprise, the regular headaches he used to get have now cleared up. Phil  is looking forward to being around to see his son grow into a man.

And what of Phil’s wife, Alison ? She tells us that the additional exercise has also helped Phil improve how he manages work related stress but, best of all, the weight loss means that he no longer snores and she can at last get a good nights sleep !