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Frances's Success Story

Boxing Day 2017: As I sit on the sofa with yet another glass of wine eating yet another chocolate feeling my jeans dig in even tighter than usual (!) I was browsing through Facebook and advert for FBi6 popped up. I’d never heard of them but loved the idea of a 6 week blitz to loose the pounds and so whilst still under the influence of fair amount of alcohol I signed up there and then!
January 2018: I start my journey with FBi6 and LOVE IT! The work outs are tough and the for the first week, walking down stairs was a challengeHOWEVER, you get results really quickly! I completed my first 6 week’s and lost 10lbs plus a 5% body fat reduction
April 2018: I am now in the middle of my third round of FBi6 and have lost the 1 stone I set out to loose at the beginning of the year. However, I’m not going to stop coming for so many reasons; I feel fitter, I can see muscles I never knew I had, my clothes fit better, old injuries I had have gone away and most importantly… is great fun going!
The biggest change I’ve made to my diet is fasting from evening meal for 16hrs. Basically I save the calories from breakfast( and evening snacking)which really helps with a daily calorie deficit without feeling like I’m dieting. I love the fact that Lyndsey and Ben are always available to offer advice on diet (and exercise)and I really do feel like I’m getting 1:1 support.
What makes FBi6 different from other groups I’ve done is the inclusiveness. From day one, everyone knew my name, the trainers knew my strengths and weaknesses and were always offering encouragement. It’s amazing how much more you can do when Ben shouts at you “come on Frances, you are strong!!! Everyone is really friendly and there is a great feeling of “we’re all in this together”
In summary, FBi6 has helped me achieve my goal and it’s been great fun in the process. When I saw my photo on the Facebook page doing a burpee I couldn’t believe the arm definition I had! That is 100% down to FBi6 and I can’t recommend it enough. I’m looking forward to see more results in the future”.