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What can you expect?

Seminar to prepare you for the 6 week challenge, full body analysis, 3 x small group PT sessions per week, individualised nutrition goals, daily accountability, 24/7 support from the whole Club Team, and winner gets £250!

This 6 week Ultimate package gives you the unique opportunity to take your health and fitness goals to the next level. During the 6 weeks, you will get the chance to fully immerse yourself in our community, programme, and unique approach to fitness.

What’s different to the normal intro offer?

Accountability, individualised nutrition plan, motivation, support, the whole package

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What you get for the Ultimate Club package

The Club  6 week Body Transformation course is built around 6 key pillars of health and we support you with each pillar to guarantee amazing results. This step up package, adds the accountability and individualised nutritional support.

  • Seminar:

    We give you the tools you’ll need for the next 6 weeks to achieve your goals and stick to the plan.

  • Full body assessment:

    At the start and end of your 6 weeks to track your progress and changes.

  • Access to our classes:
    Love the feeling of getting in shape? Two 40min semi private PT sessions a week, plus a Sat team training session! 3 great sessions, to give you some great results!

  • Beautifully designed training sessions every week for 6 weeks:

    Delivered under the guidance of one of our world class trainers, our 40min programme is so elegantly designed that anyone can get started and achieve amazing results from our gym in fleet. You deserve our best, so that’s what we give.

  • Individualised nutrition goals and daily accountability support

    We will support you with daily check in, and give you specificities goals/ guides to follow.

  • You’ll get all the support you need to get on track and stay there including:

    • Meal plans
    • Daily support from our coaching team
    • Our support and advice is always on hand when you need it most.
  • Awesome cash prize of £250 for the winner

Course starts week of 6th January 2020

For new members (6 week course)

For current members (6 week course)

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