“You can’t do this…”

We are going to help 10 guys who want to prove this statement wrong.

Over the next 60 days we are going to help 10 guys local to Fleet that their body can be stronger and more athletic than they thought was possible.

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Here’s how it works

  • You will train with us 3 x per week and get stronger, fitter and leaner every week. We’ll track everything so we an guarantee you will progress quickly. (Typical! fat lost in this time is 1 stone +)
  • But you are actually under our guidance everyday. Our exclusive support forum answers your every questions so that there is no guess work on the path to more strength and energy
  • We’ll show you how to eat like a king to get in shape.
  • In short, you’ll guess at nothing, gain at everything and for this you’ll pay less than the price of your lunch for the privilege.

We’ll be choosing the 10 shortly, so sign up now.

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100’s of people have worked with The Club and the to get the best results with the 6 week body transformation…

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